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The tour operator agency Viola Jagdreisen would launched in the year 2010. Our aim has been to organise personalised enjoyable and successful hunting trips. The hunting areas that we have been operating are of high quality in all aspects. We are very delighted that we may inform you about our hunting programs and would be more than happy to greet you in one of our destinations.


Spectacular landscapes, rough nature, - experience the unique flair of Africa. Experience hunts that are unforgettable. South Africa offers you the possibility to hunt for big deer, antelopes and other wild animals. Enjoy luxurious accommodation in a family atmosphere with excellent cuisine.


Experience the best organized hunts on over twenty different wilds, enjoy the best pigeons in the world. We provide you with luxurious guest houses with excellent service and first class regional food. All hunts tested by us - the best you can book in Argentina!


Endless expanses and original nature - a paradise. In Canada, you can hunt for grizzly, black bear, moose, caribou and Dall sheep, wolf and other animal species. We offer you sensational hunting opportunities in British Columbia with experienced local hunting guides. An experience that you will not forget.


Hungary is well-known for its legendary game with first-class trophies. Nowhere else is wildlife management more important than here. We know many, very good and tried and tested Jagdreviere in all parts of the country. If you fall into fallow deer, deer, deer, black-and-white in unique areas, you will experience a very high level of success. We are your Hungarian specialist.


Whether sporting hunts for red or sika deer in the highlands during the deer hunt or hunts on Grouse and Pheasant, Scotland offers a variety of hunting possibilities with its unique and unique nature. Particularly attractive is hunting in Scotland by the high ability of the professional hunters, who know their Estates and the Wildvorkommen exactly, and even in the completely open landscapes bring the hunter to the shooting range up to the game. In addition, we can offer hunting for wild goats and other types of wild boar.


Hunting in Africa is probably the desire of most hunters. Namibia offers excellent prerequisites, but you can also hunt with a comparatively small budget on countless wilds in spectacular landscapes. In addition to stalking, the waterhole is also worthwhile and offers unforgettable hunting experiences. Through a professional and sustainable hunting management, the game stock in Namibia has developed very well over the past decades. The hunts offered by us offer very good comfort in a family atmosphere, which offer guest houses or rooms and food in the best quality. Namibia - mountains, savannahs and dry rivers.