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The program contains 7 days incl. full board accommodation in luxury hunting lodge, drinks, etc., services in the hunting field, one Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Blackbuck, Wild Boar.Guiding 2:1.

Red deer stag hunt in Hungary

South-West Hungary:

The 18,000 acres of continuous forest area and the connected 7,000 acres of typically agricultural arable land managed by the HM Kaszó Erdőgazdaság Zrt. hold one of the best quality game stock in Hungary. It is one of the important tasks of the forestry to develop and professionally maintain the game stock. This is achieved by the well-kept hunting ground and hunting equipment, which, along with the knowledge of the professional staff, ensure successful game management. The most important wild game species are the red deer, the fallow deer, the wild boar and the roe deer. The visiting hunters can return home with valuable trophies, but perhaps with even more valuable hunting experiences every year. Currently 1,500 red deer, 500 fallow deer, 1,000 wild boar and 500 roe deer constitute the stock, the annual value is 1,500 big game harvested.

Rehbockjagd in Ungarn, Süd-Ost Ungarn

Das Komitat Békés befindet sich in Süd-Ostungarn. In dieser Gegend arbeiten wir mit verschiedenen Jagdrevieren zusammen, als Beispiel beschreiben wir eines davon. Dieses Revier liegt bei der rumänischen Grenze, 28 km von der Stadt Gyula entfernt. Reviergröße 5400 Hektar, das Landschaftsbild ist flach, überwiegend Landwirtschaft, wenig Wald. Reviergrenzen: Rumänische Grenze östlich, Fluss Fekete Körös westlich. Im Revier gibt es einen ausgezeichneten Rehwildbestand, es werden jährlich 50 Böcke erlegt. Das Durchschnittsgewicht liegt bei 350-500 Gramm, Spitze nicht selten sogar 600 Gramm. Mitten im Revier gibt es ein sehr altes Bauernhaus, das als zweitklassiges Jagdhaus funktioniert, wo alles nötige für einen Jäger zur Verfügung steht. Hier können bis zu 3 Jäger untergebracht werden. Es wird sehr gut gekocht, die eigenen Wünsche des Gastes werden unbedingt erfüllt. Freie Termine ab 15. April bis Mitte Mai, und in der Blattzeit ab Ende Juli bis Mitte August. Kutschenjagd auf Böcke ist in der Blattzeit möglich, eine sehr stimmungsvolle Jagd.

The most significant hunting period of the year is September, when in the forest of Kaszó the roar of the male red deer can be heard. The heaviest trophies weight about 10-12 kgs (with long nose skull), but the lucky hunter can meet even stronger ones (13.97 kgs, 247, 11 IP, 1993).

In addition to individual hunts, group hunting is also quite popular during the winter (wild boar beating, battue hunting) among both our Hungarian and foreign hunter guests.

There is also a wild boar park in the area of the forestry, where the number of wild boars shot every year can stock up to 150-170.

The comfort of our hunter guests is ensured by a variety of accommodations: the highstandard hunting lodge suites, double rooms and single rooms with bath. The restaurant of the hunting lodge operates with a menu system, that means one in advance constructed 3-4 dish menu for our groups. The hunting lodge has an open swimming pool that can be used by the guests.

Environmental protection:

The beautiful large area of the forest also hides environmental protection values. Lake Baláta, which is located south of Kaszó, has been a highly protected area of national importance since 1942. There are a number of rare species among its rich flora and fauna; it is the habitat of botanical rarities that are well-known across Europe. The ecological condition of the area and the natural and environmental protection value of the various associations have grown continuously in the past years.

Fallow deer stag hunt in Hungary

Hungary is a top-ranking country among those that practice traditional wildlife management in Europe.

It’s world-known hunting achievements, and outstanding trophies have mainly been provided by the state owned hunting grounds where activities are carried out matching the highest standard. Such is the case of Gyulaj Forestry & Hunting Co which, as a follower of a century-old heritage in keeping the forests and all wildlife in harmony, now manages four hunting grounds and does it at a world-famous level. All four of these hunting grounds have unique and excellent features for hunting. What could be the better evidence for this than the numerous world-record fallow buck trophies that have already given the Gyulaj fallow deer population a great name, or the outstanding yearly amount of high quality wild boar tuskers, or the red deer trophies of considerable weight taken every year.

Gyulaj Co. as a state owned hunting and forestry company manages the wildlife in four different hunting grounds in 28.540 hectares (~70.550 US acres) in Tolna county, Hungary. Gyulaj is of the oldest and most famous fallow deer preserve and hunting paradise in Europe. The home of the world record fallow buck trophies. Beside the fallow deer there is a good population of red deer and wild boar as well. Of course the main attraction is the fallow buck rutting season in October which gives unforgettable hunting memories for the hunters. Annual big game harvest: 140 fallow bucks (very high % of medal award trophies), in the October rutting time 70% of taken fallow bucks are awarded with medals and 10-15 ones are awarded with gold medals, 400 fallow deer does and fawns, 150 wild boars, 10 red stags and 20 red deer hinds and calves. One of the best offers are the October fallow buck rutting time and wild boar driven hunt combined with fallow deer doe & fawn hunting. Among our hunting grounds the best known is the Gyulaj fallow deer reserve where four fallow bucks with world-record size trophies have been harvested in past years. Both the high-seat hunting in the picturesque October forest and the winter tracking provide unforgettable memories of a very unique atmosphere that can not be compared to anything to the hunter choosing this site. The majority of the bucks harvested in October receive medal awards so the hunters who hunt during this time get beautifully coloured trophies with wide palms and nice snags. One of the nicest trophies from the last few years weighed 5.65 kg. We also organize excellent hunts for red deer hinds & calves,fallow deer does & fawns as well as driven hunts for wild boars.

Roe Buck hunt in Hungary

East Hungary, Szolnok, Jaszsag:

County Szolnok is situated south-east from Budapest, there are privatly owned hunting areas belonging to the best roe-buck areas of Hungary. We work closly together with the private hunting areas laying in the county Szolnok in order to fulfill your hunting wishes. In these areas one hunter can shoot 1-3 roe-bucks during each outgoing, the average weight of the antlers is 350-600 grams.

The top trophies of last year weighed over 600 grams. (small skull). The bagged roe bucks are judged and measured, this is the basis of the invoice. The wished trophy weight is written in the hunting contract. That can be various. We recommend the first hunting terms in April, but we have the possibility to reserve any other hunting term in the area. Later, during the rutting time of the roebucks there is going to be an exciting time at the end of July- beginning of August, when our guests can enjoy some beautiful and successfull hunt there. The average hunting trip consists of 4 hunting days, each day 2 outings are organised. In order to book a hunting trip one has to fill out a hunting contract, that is provided by our hunting agency. The hunters usually have their own rifles, to transport of this rifle one needs to provide an EU rifle pass. The hunters can hunt in Hungary if they have a valid hunting contract and a valid Hungarian hunting licence. We can organise the hunting licence for our customers. Every hunter that is registered as a hunter in his home land can apply for a Hungarian hunting licence. We need only his pass number, his EU rifle pass number and his home registrations number, and of course his name and adress is necessary for booking a hunt. Lodging: we can offer you 3* or 4* hotels in the area, where our guests are catered and accommodated very well. The hunting area can be easily reached from the Airport Ferihegy, and we can organise a transfer for a very small price. The landscape of the hunting areas is flat, almost without forest, fast only agricultural land. The hunting methode is, stalking, high-seat, jeep. Please be prepared to shoot very far, not rarely 250-300 meters. The hunting programs are tailor-made for our clients, the wishes of our guests are always the most important for us.